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Play Dora Bee Sting Doctor Game

Category: Injured


Dora is a very curious little girl and that is why she is always exploring the nature around her, she wants to know everything she can , she wants to learn and to find out something interesting and usefull everyday so that’s the reason she gets injured sometimes. It happens that she is so enthusiastic that she doesn’t pay attention and that is exactly what happened in this game too. She was in her backyard when she saw a bee hive and of course that being how she is, she couldn’t control her curiosity and she went to check it out. But unfortunately the bees didn’t like that at all and they stung her. That hurt Dora very much , she went to the doctor and now is your job kids to help her heal and of course to ease her pain, we are sure you are perfect for this job and you will like this doctor game because they are always interesting, just follow the instructions.

How to play : Use Mouse to play the game
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